Thank you for considering the webinars and conferences of the Corinne True Center for Bahá’í History. We follow the following procedure with each proposal:

  1. Please submit a proposal using this online form.
  2. Once we receive the proposal, we will acknowledge it within 24 hours. We will upload it to the “submitted proposals” folder in our Google Workspace.
  3. The chief editor will do triage, immediately accepting a few that are obviously excellent and immediately rejecting others that do not meet our needs. The rest will be reviewed by our reviewing team (currently, the Executive Committee). The name of the person submitting the proposal will be removed from the document.
  4. The reviewers will append comments to the google doc, both marginally and at the bottom, and state their final evaluation. Evaluation comments are confidential to the team members.

The proposal will then be moved either to the “accepted” folder or the “rejected” folder and the presenter will be notified, along with any next steps.