Certificate of Completion

All Corinne True Center courses are open to all people who can access the online courses and materials. We are very happy to have you in this course, and you should know that you are welcome to engage with the course to the extent you wish, as all levels of engagement are welcome.

However, if you would like to obtain a Certificate of Completion for the course, you will need to complete a subset of activities selected by your instructor. The completion of these activities will be one way the Center can tell that you are engaged in the course and learning. It will also help the Center measure the success of its courses.

For most of the Center’s courses, “activity completion” is turned on for the discussion forums. This means if you make one posting in the forum–either about a new subject or a reply to someone else–you will be marked as having “completed” the activity. Note there is no grading of the length or quality of the posting; just what is in effect a “satisfactory” for having made a posting.

There is an “Course Completion Status” block in the right hand column of the course. Click there to see what activities you completed. The Corinne True Center’s standard policy is that if you completed at least 70% of the forums, you will be sent a certificate of completion. Courses with 12 units have 14 forums to complete; the discussion forum in each of the 12 units, plus the Personal Learning Plan forum at the very start of the course (above Unit 1) and the “Learning Self Assessment: forum in the very last unit of the course. You will need to complete 10 of the 14 activities to receive a certificate of completion for the course.

Some courses may have a different completion standard. If so, it will be stated in the “Course Completion Status” block.

Remember that the Corinne True Center does not award grades in its community courses. If an activity is marked as complete, this is not a grade by any means. It is simply a reflection of your engagement in the course. If an activity is marked incomplete, your instructor may contact you privately to offer support for you to complete it.

Engagement or completion is determined independent of any special circumstances. If you are unable to complete an activity/assignment due to aggravating circumstances, you should communicate the circumstances to the instructor and arrange to make up the assignment.

In addition to the specific assignments chosen by the instructor, completion of the course also requires filling out two participant surveys at the end of the course. The surveys are anonymous, unless you wish to be identified, which you can do in the final question. The Corinne True Center will issue the Certificate of Completion at the end of the two-week grace period, so these two elements should also be completed before then. They can all be found at the end of the Reflection and Application Unit, at the bottom of the Classroom Page in Moodle.

  1. Student Satisfaction Survey. Through this 2-minute survey, tell us how well you liked the course, and help us prove to donors and public agencies that we deserve their support and recognition.
  2. Student Course Evaluation Survey. The results of this evaluation will be very useful for faculty when they review the course.

If you do not understand the requirements for your course, we invite you to contact us at info@corinnetruecenter.org; phone: (847) 337-7750.


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